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Fruit jams
Fruit paste
Fruit spreads
Fruit stuffing for the bakery industry

Industrial Jam - Technology

Jams and other fruit products are part of our daily diet, we have been consuming and knowing them since ancient times. For simplicity of nomenclature, this study uses the term "jam" for other products that have the characteristic of jam, such as jam, marmalade, fruit jelly, fruit cheese, etc. Almost all kinds of fruits can be used to make jams and jam. In addition to jam, we will also deal with other fruit products. Jams are products made from fresh or frozen fruit, preserved by heat treatment when cooked and dosed in glass containers which, after cooling, will be hermetically sealed (slightly retracted lid) or by a combination of heat and preservatives only on the surface of the product in non-hermetic packaging (bucket or keg).

Plum jam is a jam product made from whole, halved or roughly ground and gutted or unpasted plum fruit meat. Lubricant, with a characteristic caramel taste and characteristic bluish-brown color.

Cooking plum jam is not an easy process. We have vacuum vaporizers, where at 50-55oC plum wrenches and shed off excess moisture, thus obtaining a product that does not lose vitamins and minerals.

Industrial Jam - Process

Our production process of industrial processing is based on quality fruits that are harvested in clean crates, free from parasites, diseased fruits or otherwise damaged, without foreign matter - larvae, insects, soil, stone, leaves, etc., and under favorable weather conditions.

The fruit should be:
- Without preservatives and other artificial additives
- According to the standards of the Republic of Serbia and EEC

The color of the fruit must be characteristic of the variety and the degree of ripeness, as well as its taste and aroma.

Industrial Jam - Fruit

Industrial jam is made from the following fruits

Industrial jam

Domestic Plum

Plums have been grown in our region since the early 19th century. It is one of the most widespread products in Serbia and almost every house has at least one plum. There are many autochthonous plum varieties, but in our area, the most stunning is the Stanley variety. Plum harvesting begins in early September, when blackberries end, and therefore ideally builds on blackberries in our processing process. Plum is widely used in Serbia and is used for freezing, for the production of juices, for drying, for the production of jams and for the most part for the production of Serbian brandy. We collect plum from the whole of Serbia, since it tolerates transport well, we freeze it and use it for processing in winter.

Industrial jam

Domestic Apricot

Deep-frozen apricot, cut into hemispheres, without mold, traces of fermentation, damage, deformed fruit, sun or insect damage.
Properly cut hemispheres, uniform in color, of adequate maturity, without leaves, clay, washed, laser-sorted and controlled for metal presence.

Industrial jam

Domestic Strawberry

Variety: Senga Sengana, Pocahontas, Selena, Cortina, Marmolada, native varieties. 100% organic strawberry
100% iqf strawberry produced from healthy, ripe, unfermented and healthy fruits. Fruits must be harvested in clean casks, without overripe, fermented and damaged fruits, without foreign materials (soil, stone, plastic ...) under good weather conditions. Goods manufactured in accordance with the domestic production method and HACCP. Metal Detected.

Industrial jam

Domestic Raspberry

Raspberry is the most important product in our offer, but also one of the most significant products for all our subcontractors. The raspberry from Kopaonik is of exceptional quality because it is grown at an altitude of 300m to 1,100m in the hills, in an extremely clean environment with no exhaust or other pollutants. Due to the large difference in altitude at which the plantations are located, harvesting raspberries in our area lasts 45-60 days, from early June to early August. The specificity of the climate we are in is reflected in the fact that most of the raspberries ripen during July when the sun is strongest, so we have extremely sweet raspberries. The sweetest raspberry fruit in our area had 14 brixes, while the average expected raspberry brieze was about 9 bx. Raspberries are collected daily at our places of purchase, from where they are transported by means of transport to the refrigerator for processing, where they are frozen the same evening.

Industrial jam

Domestic Cherry

In our area, only "Oblačinska" cherry is grown. The plantations we supply are located 50km from the cold store. Due to the altitude of the area where the cherry is produced, the harvest of the cherry begins around June 10 and lasts until the end of the month. Due to the overlap with raspberry harvesting, which is our most important product, we only process cherry as a sub-refrigerated product. Because we do not produce peeled cherries, we are able to offer our customers the highest quality raw material for the production of juice or puree.